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Sun, 17 Apr 2011

Announcing Marpa::XS

I have released the first non-developer's version of Marpa::XS: 0.002000. Marpa::XS is the XS-accelerated version of Marpa. Marpa is a parser generator -- it parses from any grammar that you can write in BNF. If that grammar is one of the kinds in practical use (yacc, LALR, recursive descent, LR(k), LL(k), regular expressions, etc.), Marpa and Marpa::XS parse from it in linear (O(n)) time.

Users should keep in mind the following:

In a future post, I'll talk about my roadmap for Marpa and Marpa::XS. So far I have converted Marpa's grammar pre-processing and parsing to C. The only part that remains is Marpa's evaluator. While an afterthought for the theories, the evaluator is very important in practical use, and for getting the full benefit of the other speedups. Conversion of Marpa's evaluator to C will probably be my next focus.


Note 1: Marpa::XS comes with two shared libraries: an XS library, which contains Marpa-to-Perl glue, and libmarpa.a, which contains Marpa's core algorithm. libmarpa.a is a standalone shared library, suitable for linking with other environments besides Perl XS.

For Marpa::XS to be dynamically linked, three things must happen:

With regard to Windows, I believe there is no major obstacle to porting Marpa::XS to any of the various Perl's for Windows. The GNU glib that I mentioned is NOT glibc -- nothing about Marpa::XS requires a POSIX environment. However, I know of only one attempt to install Marpa::XS on Windows and no successes.

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