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6 Threads

Libmarpa is thread-safe, given circumstances as described below. The Libmarpa methods are not reentrant.

Libmarpa is C89-compliant. It uses no global data, and calls only the routines that are defined in the C89 standard and that can be made thread-safe. In most modern implementations, the default C89 implementation is thread-safe to the extent possible. But the C89 standard does not require thread-safety, and even most modern environments allow the user to turn thread safety off. To be thread-safe, Libmarpa must be compiled and linked in an environment that provides thread-safety.

While Libmarpa can be used safely across multiple threads, a Libmarpa grammar cannot be. Further, a Libmarpa time object can only be used safely in the same thread as its base grammar. This is because all time objects with the same base grammar share data from that base grammar.

To work around this limitation, the same grammar definition can be used to a create a new Libmarpa grammar time object in each thread. If there is sufficient interest, future versions of Libmarpa could allow thread-safe cloning of grammars and other time objects.