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9 Static methods

Function: Marpa_Error_Code marpa_check_version (int required_major, int required_minor, int required_micro )

Checks that the Marpa library in use is compatible with the given version. Generally you will pass in the constants MARPA_MAJOR_VERSION, MARPA_MINOR_VERSION, MARPA_MICRO_VERSION as the three arguments to this function; that produces a check that the library in use is compatible with the version of Libmarpa the application or module was compiled against. Compatibility is defined by two things: first the version of the running library is newer than the version required_major.required_minor.required_micro. Second the running library must be binary compatible with the version required_major.required_minor.required_micro (same major version.)

Return value: MARPA_ERR_NONE if the Marpa library is compatible with the requested version. If the library is not compatible, one of the following is returned, indicating the nature of the mismatch:

Function: Marpa_Error_Code marpa_version (int* version)

Returns the version number in version, which must have room for three int’s.

Return value: A non-negative number on success, -2 on failure.