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8.3 Naming conventions

Methods in Libmarpa follow a strict naming convention. All methods have a name beginning with marpa_, if they are part of the external interface. If an external method is not a static method, its name is prefixed with one of marpa_c_, marpa_g_, marpa_r_, marpa_b_, marpa_o_, marpa_t_ or marpa_v_, where the single letter between underscores is one of the Libmarpa major class abbreviations. The letter indicates which class the method belongs to.

Methods that are exported, but that are part of the internal interface, begin with _marpa_. Methods that are part of the internal interface (often called “internal methods”) are subject to change and are intended for use only by Libmarpa’s developers.

Libmarpa reserves the marpa_ and _marpa_ prefixes for itself, with all their capitalization variants. All Libmarpa names visible outside the package will begin with a capitalization variant of one of these two prefixes.