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22.1.2 Grammar methods dealing with unvalued symbols

Function: int marpa_g_symbol_is_valued_set ( Marpa_Grammar g, Marpa_Symbol_ID symbol_id, int value)
Function: int marpa_g_symbol_is_valued ( Marpa_Grammar g, Marpa_Symbol_ID symbol_id)

These methods, respectively, set and query the “valued status” of a symbol. Once set to a value with the marpa_g_symbol_is_valued_set() method, the valued status of a symbol is “locked” at that value. It cannot thereafter be changed. Subsequent calls to marpa_g_symbol_is_valued_set() for the same sym_id will fail, leaving sym_id’s valued status unchanged, unless value is the same as the locked-in value.

Return value: On success, 1 if the symbol symbol_id is valued after the call, 0 if not. If the valued status is locked and value is different from the current status, -2. If value is not 0 or 1; or on other failure, -2.