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4.1.6 Ambiguous input

As a first loosening of the standard model, we no longer require calls to marpa_r_alternative() to be paired with calls to marpa_r_earleme_complete(). Instead, we allow a series of one or more calls to marpa_r_alternative() before each call to marpa_r_earleme_complete(). We still require that there be at least one call to marpa_r_alternative() before each call to marpa_r_earleme_complete(), and we still require that all tokens have a length of 1.

In the ambiguous input model, the behavior of the current, latest and furthest earlemes are exactly as described for the standard model, with one minor exception: Where the current earleme is c, and a call to marpa_r_alternative() is not the first of a series, the value of the furthest earleme before the call will be c+1.